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Guitarias CDGuitarias | Doug MacNaughton

Released - February 2014!

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MacNaughton’s first self-produced album is an intimate, poetic journey. Guitarias includes compositions for voice and guitar (hence the name: guitar/arias) all performed by the singer accompanying himself: John Beckwith's Beckett Songs (three songs to poems of Samuel Beckett), Leslie Uyeda's Flower Arranger (a single song to a poem of Joy Kogawa), and William Beauvais' The Truth of Matter (four songs to poems of Linda Hogan), which were all commissioned by Doug MacNaughton. Guitarias also features John Rutter's Shadows (eight songs to various poets of the 16th and 17th centuries), which were published in 1997.

This is MacNaughton’s fourth recording as a singer, but marks his debut recording as a guitarist. “I am fascinated by the artistic effect of playing and singing at the same time”, explains MacNaughton. “The guitar’s portability makes it possible to perform in intimate and unusual acoustics. There's a deeper connection between the voice part and the accompaniment, because the singer is the accompanist.” For this recording project, Doug teamed up with sound engineer Paul Hodge and producer Sung Chung. “We considered recording the voice and guitar separately”, he adds, “but in the end, we decided to record both together at the same time in the welcoming, resonant acoustic of St. George the Martyr Church."
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TaliskerWhere Words and Music Meet

Talisker Players at Massey College

Released 2010
Available from CMC | iTunes

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Released 2007
Available from CMC | iTunes

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SerinetteSerinette | Harry Somers

Performed by SoundStreams
Released 2001

Available from CMC | iTunes

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Why do the Nations?
from MESSIAH; music by George Frederick Handel, libretto by Charles Jennens

The People that Walked in Darkness
from MESSIAH; music by George Frederick Handel, libretto by Charles Jennens

Betrachte, meine Seel'
from Saint John Passion; music by Johann Sebastian Bach

Gebt mir meinen Jesum wieder
from Saint Matthew Passion; music by Johann Sebastian Bach, libretto by Christian Friedrich Henrici

Guitar and Voice

A Nightingale Sang in Berkely Square
music by Manning Sherwin, lyrics by Eric Maschwitz.

Love is Here to Stay
music by George Gershwin, lyrics by Ira Gershwin

Five O'Clock Bells
music and lyrics by Lenny Breau

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